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QuickTip: yoyoEase

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You can specify an ease for the yoyo (backwards) portion of a repeating animation. Set it to a specific ease like yoyoEase: "power2" or to flip the existing ease, use the shortcut yoyoEase:true. GSAP is smart enough to automatically set yoyo:true if you define a yoyoEase, so there's less code for you to write. Score!



//this tween has a different ease in each direction
gsap.to(".green",  { duration: 2, x:700, ease: "bounce.out", yoyoEase: "power2.out",  repeat:10, repeatDelay:0.1});

//setting yoyoEase:true flips the bounce so that you have a "bounce.out" in both directions
gsap.to(".orange",  { duration: 2, x:700, ease: "bounce.out", yoyoEase: true,  repeat:10, repeatDelay:0.1});


See the Pen yoyoEase demo by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen.

yoyoEase is available in version 1.20.0 and higher.

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