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Top 10 Reasons to use GSAP to Animate Transforms

Most developers have no idea how much GSAP does to solve challenges related to animating transforms (x, y, scale, rotation, etc.) This video highlights some of the top reasons you should be using GSAP for transforms specifically.


Quick Tip: Directional Rotation

Specify the direction of rotation in GSAP (or let it decide the shortest one for you)

MorphSVG: Advanced Features for Tricky Morphs

Solve tricky morphs by tapping into special features of MorphSVGPlugin from GSAP (video)

GSAP's _gsTransform Object Exposed

Get the position, rotation, scale or other transform-related values of a GSAP-animated element via its _gsTransform object.


GSAP 2.1 Released

GSAP 2.1 introduces advanced staggering, innovative new MorphSVG features, and more. Snag the latest version of GreenSock's JavaScript animation library today.

Getting Started: React and GSAP Animations

Get started using GSAP in React to build fast, powerful animations

GSAP 2.0 Released

GSAP 2.0 gets ES modules, extra features for several plugins, bug fixes, an NPM guide in the docs, and more!

QuickTip: Try bonus plugins for free

Club GreenSock bonus plugins can be used FREE on CodePen.

QuickTip: Animate CSS Variables

See how GSAP's support for animating CSS variables (custom properties) allows you to approach your animations in a whole new way.

GSAP 1.20.0 Released

GSAP 1.20.0 brings some exciting new features like yoyoEase, CSS variable tweening, a new PixiPlugin and more.

Introducing CustomWiggle and CustomBounce

Add wiggle and bounce effects to your GSAP animations with these highly customizable eases from GreenSock. Even get squash and stretch!

MorphSVGPlugin Performance Update

Since launching MorphSVGPlugin, we've made a bunch of improvements and exposed several new features. Here are the highlights...

Introducing GSAP 1.18.0

GSAP 1.18.0 is packed with exciting features to help you unleash your creativity. Learn about the new "cycle" property for staggered animations, relative HSL color tweening and more.

Solutions for Banner Ads in the Post-Flash World

The sudden and rather violent shift away from Flash in the banner ad industry has designers and developers scrambling. We've got answers. Welcome to the HTML5 era.

GSAP 1.16.x Update

The GSAP 1.16.x update delivers some nifty new features like svgOrigin as well as a better-than-ever Draggable that has autoScroll capabilities, a new method for determining the drag direction, and more.

Ease Visualizer

Visually explore various eases that are available in GSAP with this interactive tool.

CSS animations performance: the untold story

There are some interesting (and surprising) performance implications of using CSS animations that aren't widely known. Check out this video demonstration.

Breakthrough: SVG animation with GSAP solves cross‑browser issues

Animating the rotation, scale, skew, and position of SVG elements via CSS has been completely impractical due to major browser inconsistencies...until now. GreenSock's CSSPlugin handles major bugs and inconsistencies across a wide range of modern browsers, making it easy for you to animate SVG elements exactly like regular DOM elements... even in IE.

Timeline Tip: Understanding the Position Parameter

The secret to building gorgeous sequences with precise timing is understanding the super-flexible "position" parameter which controls the placement of your tweens, labels, callbacks, pauses, and even nested timelines.

Why GSAP for HTML5 Animation?

Why has GSAP become an industry standard for animation on the web? Here are a few of the practical, real-world reasons.

iOS 7 Safari Performance: A Step Backward?

With the release of iOS 7, I was anticipating some big leaps forward in browser performance. What I found was quite surprising. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Here's a quick [and very casual] video showing what I discovered:

Meet GreenSock's Draggable: spin, flick, drag, throw, or scroll with "physics"

Making a DOM element draggable isn't terribly difficult - there are jQuery plugins and even some native HTML5 capabilities in newer browsers. But generic dragging is kinda boring. What about smooth, natural momentum-based continuation after the user releases the mouse (or touch on mobile devices)? What about imposing bounds and edge resistance and silky-smooth redirection to certain landing values that you provide? Or flick/drag scrolling with bounce-back that doesn't look awkward? Or instead of dragging to change the position of an element, what if you want to spin it? Maybe you even want to track the momentum and let it come to rest naturally or rig it to glide to a stop at a certain value, Wheel-of-Fortune style? Yeah, that's a lot more complex. In fact, it can be a real drag to build (sorry, the pun was irresistible).

Video: Sequence JavaScript Animations Like a Pro with GSAP's TimelineLite

This video walks you through some common problems that professional animators face every day and shows you how GSAP’s TimelineLite tackles these challenges with ease.

CSS Animations vs GSAP: Cage Match

Ever since CSS3 "transitions" and "animations" were introduced, they have been widely lauded as the future of animation on the web. It often seems like all the "cool kids" are talking about them. Should you jump on the bandwagon? Is JavaScript animation headed for extinction? How does the new GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) fare when it steps into the ring and faces off against the hyped-up tag-team of CSS3 transitions & animations? Does GSAP have the chops to hold its own? Let's find out. Ready...FIGHT!

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