Classpublic class SetActualSizePlugin
InheritanceSetActualSizePlugin Inheritance TweenPlugin Inheritance Object

[AS3 only] Some components require resizing with setActualSize() instead of standard tweens of width/height in order to scale properly. The SetActualSizePlugin accommodates this easily. You can define the width, height, or both.


import com.greensock.TweenLite; 
import com.greensock.plugins.TweenPlugin; 
import com.greensock.plugins.SetActualSizePlugin; 
TweenPlugin.activate([SetActualSizePlugin]); //activation is permanent in the SWF, so this line only needs to be run once., 1, {setActualSize:{width:200, height:30}});

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Public Methods
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[static] Activates one or more plugins so that TweenLite and TweenMax recognize the associated special properties.