Classpublic class FrameBackwardPlugin
InheritanceFrameBackwardPlugin Inheritance FrameForwardPlugin Inheritance TweenPlugin Inheritance Object

[AS3/AS2 only] Tweens a MovieClip backward to a particular frame number, wrapping it if/when it reaches the beginning of the timeline. For example, if your MovieClip has 20 frames total and it is currently at frame 10 and you want tween to frame 15, a normal frame tween would go forward from 10 to 15, but a frameBackward would go from 10 to 1 (the beginning) and wrap to the end and continue tweening from 20 to 15.


import com.greensock.TweenLite;
import com.greensock.plugins.*; 
TweenPlugin.activate([FrameBackwardPlugin]); //activation is permanent in the SWF, so this line only needs to be run once., 1, {frameBackward:15}); 

Note: When tweening the frames of a MovieClip, any audio that is embedded on the MovieClip's timeline (as "stream") will not be played. Doing so would be impossible because the tween might speed up or slow down the MovieClip to any degree.

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[static] Activates one or more plugins so that TweenLite and TweenMax recognize the associated special properties.